SmartCAMcnc announces release of SmartCAM v2018

SmartCAMcnc has announced the release of SmartCAM® v2018. SmartCAM v2018 delivers new Adaptive Rough Milling technology in the Advanced Milling™, SmartCAM FreeForm Machining™ and SmartCAM Advanced Turning™ applications; new Verification modules in SmartCAM Advanced Fabrication™ and SmartCAM Advanced Wire EDM™; improved feed rate control and numerous other useful core additions found in all products.   […]

Applications Engineering

What is Applications Engineering? The job description of an applications engineer can vary depending on the chosen industry. Generally, this type of engineer takes care of the implementation and design of computer programs or specialist industry equipment in most cases. The primary role of this engineer is to build and test as well as design […]

Manufacturing and Production Engineering Advantages

CAD Manufacturing Benefits: Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) 3D CAD files can quickly be imported to drive Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) production software. In turn, CAM drives machine tools and other capital equipment through computer-numerical-control (CNC). CNC manufacturing processes included multi-axis milling, turning, sheet metal work (such as brake presses and punches) and high speed machining.   CAD/CAM software enables […]

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Course-specific prerequisites Recommended: Modern Manufacturing Processes purpose Målet med dette kursus er at bringe industriens måder for at lette proceduren i utvikling av nye produkter med moderne datateknologi. De indholdsbeskrivelser lægger vægt på mulighederne i fremstillingsarbejdet for fremstilling, i produktionsoplysningerne og i produktionen selv. Denne kurs er hovedsagelig for studerende, der har specialisering i produktionen eller […]

How to Get a Career in Forensics

Quick Overview To get a career in forensics, make sure you take the right subjects in high school, such as biology, physics, math, and chemistry. Combine this by researching the different jobs in forensics so you know your options, such as a forensic scientist or psychologist. After high school, make plans to study science at […]

Dermatology Workforce and job planning

A 10-PA consultant should work 5 PAs in the clinic, operating theatre, seeing ward patients etc, with 2 PAs of patient administration and 0.5 PA for MDT.  A newly appointed consultant on 8.5 DCC and 1.5 SPA (ie with no teaching, research and trainee supervision or department management) may do an extra 0.7 PA in […]