google hangout screen share

Google Hangout Screen Share

Google is the pioneer of all the great inventions by far in consideration of technology. When you think of video calling there are many apps on the store you can look for, but when there is an app by Google then what else to look for. Google Hangouts a much better and more interactive way of communication was developed by Google 5 years ago.

Google Hangout is a new way of communicating with your loved ones irrespective of any location on earth. The app has various features and one among it is Google Hangout Screen Share which allows users to share screen with others on a call instantly. With just one click away, you can connect many people and experience the real time information sharing.

Let’s have a look on, the complete step guide to the Screen Share feature,

  • Start a video call

To make use of the Screen Share feature, first thing that you need to do is, install the Hangouts app and start a video call by selecting the names of people from your contact list and then start a video call. Easy isn’t it, just like any other app having a video call feature, Hangout also has its own interactive feature of video calling with added features.  


  • Click on the screen share button

A green color button located on top left corner, is the screen share button, click on it and it will redirect you to a new window, where you will be asked to select the screen you want to share.

  • Choose the number of screens you would like to share

From your desktop screen to Google docs or a file from your computer, almost anything that you choose to share will be visible to the group of people your having a video conference with. This real-time information sharing is yet an effective way of communication.

  • Click on share button to load the items

Upon clicking the share button, the screens will be loaded within few seconds being visible to all the people in the video conference.

  • Want to terminate the screen share, click on the stop button

If you’re done with the call and want to return back to the home screen or if you want to end the call, just click on stop button.  

Apps by google are always easy to handle and work with. After all working with so many apps by the multinational technology company, we are so used to all it’s in-house built apps. Surely, the company knows how to handle its users and their needs. Talking about the Google Hangout Screen Share feature which will also make its place in the hectic life of the people. The advanced feature of allowing its users to communicate directly by experiencing the benefits of technology and allowing users to communicate in a better way. With the improving technology it won’t be tough for us to learn the new feature. Incase, in any difficulty to understand the feature, the above step guide can help you effortlessly achieve the trait.

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